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Fortnite season 6 adds creatures, making, Lara Croft, and Neymar

Fortnite has entered a new phase, as the most recent goes far deeper into the game’s world-crossing narrative. “Base” is the name of the game’s sixth season, which was released today by Epic Games. It takes place right after the “Zero Crisis Finale,” which concluded Season 5, and introduces the island to a new ancient biome.

After a brief but remarkable single-player experience in which you help Agent Jonesy preserve reality, gamers that start playing the season interestingly will be welcomed with a snappy realistic — which you can watch here.

An elevated tower serves as a focal point around which a village and other new places are built, replacing the desert that was the island’s centerpiece in Season 5’s zero point blast. Perhaps even more impressive is the diversity of wildlife currently roaming the island, from wolves and wild pigs to what appear to be more innocent critters like chickens and frogs. An additional weapon-making specialist allows players to create poor weapons, while new life and innovation have been discarded.

Fight pass holders may also expect to see a regular collection of new character skins and other correction items. Like Agent Jones and Tower Assassin, as well as Raz, depicted as a “searcher of The Spire’s secrets,” this time around incorporates characters from the ongoing story. The game wouldn’t be Fortnite if players weren’t allowed to connect. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Raven from Teen Titans, and, of course, Neymar, the Brazilian soccer sensation, are among this season’s new characters (true to form).

In Fortnite’s past season, which started in December of last year, the game’s Marvel-themed plot was unveiled at a spectacular live event, which ended up being the game’s best event to date. It’s still possible, however, that season 5’s best-known attribute may be the sheer amount of authorized ties, ranging from The Mandalorian to professional sports. For those who want to delve deeper into the ever-expanding legend of Fortnite, a Batman/Fortnite hybrid comic is also in the works.

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