Patriots’ Julian Edelman offers to meet with Meyers Leonard amid

After Meyers Leonard of the Miami Heat was caught on camera using an anti-Semitic slur during a Twitch video of “Obligation at hand,” Julian Edelman volunteered to meet with him.

Edelman, a Jew, penned an open letter to Leonard and disseminated it on the internet.

“So even though we haven’t met yet, I have faith that we will in the near future. I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of feedback on what you said. Trying to avoid adding to the conversation, I merely need to express my opinion “Patriots fans around the country will be a big winner from this.

“I got the impression that you didn’t use that word out of contempt, but rather ignorance. You probably didn’t mean any harm or even to single out Jews with your remark. Exactly because of this, it is so disastrous. It’s not uncommon for someone who expects to be mocked to be confronted with enormous resistance. When you order remarkable impact, easygoing obliviousness fights harder and has a wider impact. There is something about sneering that seems like an infection. Even if it happens by chance, it has the potential to spread swiftly.

His statements began to circulate online, prompting an investigation into his conduct. During the webcast, he appeared to direct the slur at another individual with whom he was playing. He had over 69,000 Twitch followers and over 550,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram at the time.

Leonard made it clear in his apology statement that he had no understanding of what the word meant at the time.

Leonard expressed his displeasure at having used an anti-Semitic term during a webcast the day before, saying, “I’m genuinely upset.” “Despite the fact that I had no understanding of what the term meant at the time, my ignorance of its history and the level of hostility it has for the Jewish community does not excuse my behavior, which was simply inexcusable.

“To the Arisons, my partners, mentors, front office, and everyone associated with the Miami Heat organization, as well as to my family and those in the Jewish community who I have affected as a result of my actions, I apologize. If anything, I promise to get better and know that my future accomplishments will stand out more than my use of this word does.”

When DeSean Jackson, a former Philadelphia Eagles beneficiary, was being scrutinized for his own anti-Semitic sentiments, Edelman offered to meet with him.

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