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Dynamo St. Petersburg’s Timur Faizutdinov kicks the bucket in the wake

According to a statement released by his team on Tuesday, a puck struck the 19-year-old Russian ice hockey player in the head, killing him instantly.

Today, Dynamo St. Petersburg defender Timur Faizutdinov died after being injured during a game in Yaroslavl, Russia, on March 12.

“Timur Faizutdinov was injured during a Lokomotiv vs. Lokomotiv match in Yaroslavl, Russia, on March 12. He was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition after being hit in the head by the puck. Doctors and other experts fought for his life for three days “The claim made.

Faizutdinov will enjoy a peaceful moment when Dynamo’s upcoming games begin in the late afternoon or early evening.

The final words of the statement were: “Dynamo, you’re always there. We will never forget you or stop thinking about you.”

The lower group of Dynamo St. Petersburg suffered a season-ending loss to Loko Yaroslavl on Friday, and defenseman Timur Faizutdinov was injured by a puck hit from the neutral zone.

In the aftermath of his slip and fall, Faizutdinov was transported to a clinic in Yaroslavl by the team’s expert and paramedics.

Faizutdinov died on Tuesday after a three-day battle for his life with doctors, according to the Junior Hockey League.

In the upcoming Kontinental Hockey League rivalry games, Dynamo has stated that Faizutdinov will be kept quiet.

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